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/How to Make Custom Magnetic Boxes?

How to Make Custom Magnetic Boxes?

July 13, 2022

Magnetic packaging is the best way to decently pack a book, framed art, a piece of jewelry, a certificate, or present a pretty penny to the birthday person. Into magnetic gift boxes, you can put an invitation card to your celebration and a memorable accessory, which will surely leave pleasant impression of your holiday.

Magnetic boxes are made of natural material, since paper and cardboard are much more pleasant to the touch than plastic. The color and finishing details are selected depending on the presentee’s gender. For women, gentle shades are suitable, while blue, black, and scarlet can be left to the stronger sex.

Gift box with magnetic closure will make any gift more spectacular and will surely be delightful.

How to make custom rigid magnetic boxes?

We are factory specializing in custom magnetic boxes. Blow you can find our production on site.

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